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Imperial College, London

Royal School of Mines

4th-5th April 2020

Lecturers: Darryl Schoon; Peter Van Coppenolle; Martin Hickling and Sandeep Jaitly.

Post-Mises Austrian economics has ceased to be a fund of ideas to criticize and correct the mainstream, or to draw up the blueprint for the new economic order following the collapse of the present global experiment with fiat ‘currency.’ The reason is that it deviated from or abandoned the philosophy and methodology of its founder, Carl Menger (1840-1921).

This series consists of two days of four hourly lectures, separated by morning and afternoon refreshment and question periods. Lecture titles include:

Leverage and its unwinding

Futures markets and bills of exchange

Debunking volatility

Capitalism ending

…shall be covered plus more.

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Cost: £120. Spaces strictly limited.